Special Event Orders

Austin Flower Co. is known for the high quality and great variety of our affordable flowers, greenery and plants. But we also have a strong reputation for taking great care of the special orders that we receive. We make every effort to obtain the product you request, and we will get in touch with you immediately if any problem arises. When dealing with perishables such as fine cut flowers a touch of flexibility on the customers part will enhance the experience. If there is a chance that a specific flower will cycle off crop before your event, then having a substitution in mind would be wise. Flowers can be ordered by varietal name or color, but one should keep in mind that these flowers are not manufactured with uniform color, size and shape, they are instead grown on many different farms. These characteristics of cut flowers will tend to vary from farm to farm, season to season, even week to week. Bright sun in the growing local will result in paler colors, conversely dark cloudy weather will result in darker shades, etc.

Whether you are a floral professional specializing in weddings and parties, a school group needing a source for flowers for a fund raiser or banquet, or a do-it-yourselfer looking to save money on an awards ceremony, dinner party, wedding reception, or the entire wedding, the Austin Flower Co. staff will help you determine your floral needs and the cost.

Most weeks our price list contains over 250 different products. Flowers arrive 4 or 5 days a week on average from over 6 countries and 4 growing regions stateside.

Before your next event or special order, we invite you to visit our cooler, look at flowers and compare colors and textures. Bring fabric swatches and photos. Our sales staff can help you select flowers and colors to create the look you desire.

Every wedding and event is important. So that we may provide the widest selection and highest quality, please:

Place your order AT LEAST 10 days ahead of time. Tuesday of the preceding week is the PREFERRED deadline.
We can refer wedding designers whose skill and experience guarantee beautiful weddings for any style or budget. When you're interviewing floral designers, ask to see a portfolio of recent work.

First time wholesale buyers will need to fill out and place on file with us a Texas Resale Certificate. And we request that you bring in your actual tax certificate issued to you so we can photocopy and file also.