Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. We're kind of a DIY place. We sell our cut flowers exactly how we get them from the farms for florists and anyone who wants to make their own arrangements. What we are able to do is quickly mix up and gift wrap any flowers you hand pick yourself from the cooler. If you are looking for beautifully processed flowers or a thoughtfully designed arrangement, contact a florist (we have many we can recommend to you!)

YES! We always have plenty of flowers to choose from in our cooler. The online store is a very small selection of inventory.

Nope. We are open to retail customers as well as wholesale customers. 

To open a wholesale account with us, you will need to fill out our wholesale form with your Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit number. We request that you attach your actual tax certificate issued to you so we can photocopy and file also. You are able to come into the shop and fill out the form or you can fill it out online here. Please send the completed form and certificate to

Please note that we do NOT take orders via the email on our website. To place an order with us, give us a call at 512-451-6447 or come into the shop. We ask that the order be placed 10-14 days before the requested pick up date.

The pricing of our flowers changes with every shipment (2x a week). If you are wanting tentative pricing/estimates, give us a call.

Things get crazy around here during the holidays. We update our online shop for quick and easy flower pick ups. If you are wanting more options than our online shop offers, come on into the shop where we can shuffle together and gift wrap the flowers you hand pick from the cooler.