Our Flowers

We're obsessed with flowers .. 

Austin Flower Co. carries a full range of basic flowers, but we are known city–wide for our specialty cuts. Strange, rare and interesting flowers seldom seen, in a flower shop, can be found in our cooler virtually everyday. In fact, most days our price list shows over 250 different flowers, plants and greens for sale.

Our flowers arrive fresh daily via refrigerated truck and air cargo from countries around the world including Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and from many farms across America. We also receive the best seasonal blooms from local farmers and growers.

We source our flowers direct from farm level not from floral wholesalers. We in turn wholesale flowers to most of the local florist shops and we sell retail to the public at very reasonable prices. By eliminating the wholesaler/middleman we can provide you with the freshest blooms as well as plants.

All flowers and greens are processed, handled and cooled pursuant to the industry chain of life and cold chain protocols, thus assuring optimum bud opening, flower size and vase life for our customers.